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" Start with the Sniperagus. Eliminate the other team. " ― Shotgun Farmers

Asparagus Assault is one of the Limited time modes in game.

Asparagus Assault first appeared in Anniversary Event Update 2019 Vr. (06/13/2019).

Initially, Asparagus Assault was called Snipers Only, but in hotfix Vr. (06/19/2019) the name was changed.


Asparagus Assault Solo BAR

Asparagus Assault Solo BAR

The game follows the same rules as Team Deathmatch but in game all players spawn with Sniperagus Rifle with 3 ammo.

The main weapons spawns will be disabled in the game, but grenades spawns will be available.

In the Crop Drop, only one Sniperagus Rifle and grenades will spawns.

Solo mode[]

Asparagus Assault has a solo mode.

Solo mode made its debut on 05/21/2021.

In solos mode, every player is for themselves with the same changes as in the usual Asparagus Assault.



Asparagus Assault banner

Asparagus Assault image

Image from Twitter post

Snipers only quick

Asparagus Assault banner in menu