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"Start with the Carrocket Launcher. Eliminate the other team. " ― Shotgun Farmers

Carrot Fest is one of the Limited time modes in the game.

Carrot Fest was added in Easter Event Update 2019 Vr. (04/23/2019).


Carrot Fest BAR

Carrot Fest BAR

The aim of the players is to score 5,000 points.

The game follows the same rules as Team Deathmatch but in game all players spawn with the Carrocket Launcher.

The main weapons spawns are disabled in game, but grenades spawns are available.

Inside the Crop Drop, only the Carrocket Launcher and grenades will spawns.

Solos mode[]

Carrot Fest has a solos mode.

In solos mode, every player is for themselves with the same changes as in the usual Carrot Fest.

Interesting facts[]

  • The old tooltip text was "Eliminate the other team".


Carrot Fest

Carrot Fest banner

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