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Customize is a tab in the menu where you can go and select one of three types of customization: Farmer, Weapons and Interface.


The camera can be brought closer using the zoom function.

You can also enter code in Customize, codes tab were added somewhere in July 2017.

There are 13 types of customization in the game. This is 765 all sorts of equipment and items, taking into account items that cannot now be obtained and without taking into account deleted items.

P.S Other is a category where there are either remote types of customization or things that are mostly related to customization.


  • Initially, Customize was in the Character tab, in New Map: Graveside Update Vr.0.3 (10/27/2017) Customize became a separate tab, in Shotgun Farmers 2.0 (01/20/2023) the tab moved to the left and now all types of items were divided into three categories.
  • Starting from Jumping Bots & Bug Fixes Vr.0.5 (02/21/2018) and ending with Item shop update Vr.1.7.10 (01/28/2022), the category had written how many items there are and how many are unlocked (for example 34/78).
  • In Customize there was a function to change the color of the command; it was removed in Hotfix Vr. (10/26/2020)
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    The random items feature was added in Easter Event Update 2020 Vr.1.3 (04/10/2020), the feature was removed in Shotgun Farmers 2.0 (01/20/2023).


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