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There are 10 different modes to choose from in Shotgun Farmers including Random.


Random mode will rotate between available game modes, changing at the end of the match for the next round. Jug-Or-Not, Tournament and Free For All are not included in the random rotation.

Team Deathmatch

The Team Deathmatch pitches two evenly-matched teams against each other. The only goal is to kill as many of the other team as possible in the allotted time, and to not let them kill you.

Chicken Run

Capture that chicken! The aim of this game mode is for your team to hold BokBok for a total of 200 seconds, or if the timer runs out before either team get 200 points, the match will go into overtime and each second is worth 5 points.

Capture The Pig

Capture that pig! Similar to Chicken Run, In this game mode, there are two teams. The player's team must go to the enemy's base and try and get the pig back to your own base to score a point. Team with the most points wins.

King of the Crow

King of the Crow is a team match that requires players to stand inside a designated area in order to score points. The area will stay at one location for 60 seconds before moving to a new spot, points are acquired 1 point per second inside the area.

Free For All

All for one and one for ... well ... themselves. Free For All in Shotgun Farmers is your standard kill anyone and everyone in the time available. You will receive 100 points for each kill made and no points gained or lost for assists or deaths.


Jug-Or-Not is a free for all where a random player will be chosen as the Juggernaut at the start of the match. They will wear a special milk jug hat, use an axe as a weapon and have greatly increased health and will be targeted by every other player in the game to be eliminated. Whoever kills the Juggernaut will become the new Juggernaut. If the person dies at the same time as killing the Juggernaut then a random player will be selected.

Horde Mode

Horde Mode is a 50 wave zombie survival game mode currently playable only on the Darkside map. Players can either work solo or with a group to survive increasing waves until you get to the very end... or die trying.

Crop Swap

Crop Swap is the latest mode to join the Shotgun Farmers game modes, originally as an LTM, this mode has now become part of the permenant selection. This is a free for all style game mode in which players have to climb the ranks using a specific gun for each rank, starting with the Shotgun and ending up at the end with the Shovel. Beware that being killed with a shovel can downgrade your rank!


The Tournament game mode is a generic team based layout with spectator mode enabled.

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