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There are ten different maps to choose from in Shotgun Farmers. Each map offers a unique layout, unique features, and a variety of weapons.



Countryside is your standard, scenic farm. It is a medium-sized map and is well-balanced for all styles of play from charge-em shovelheads to snipers to carrocket lovers.

It seems pretty straight forward, but there are fun strategies that make this map easy to learn but take longer to master.

And remember, please don't shoot the farm animals.



This one is a duck and weave, in and out, "run in a Z sweetie!" kind of map. It may seem straightforward, but this is one tricky map!

It is very flat with very few things of interest around the outside of the map, but there are many buildings in the middle that you can enter. Some buildings have a second floor, and you can also get to the roof of every building.

Due to the terrain, weapons grow slower and wilt faster, so don't waste your shots!



Riverside is an up-close-and-personal map, it is quite small and open. This map encourages brute force and straight-up combat.

However, this map has a few tricks up its sleeve (if maps had sleeves). The river provides a natural 'border' between the two sides with two bridges spanning the two areas. You may think that you can just ignore the bridges and cross the river, and you can, sort of. Anyone walking through the river will walk slower, so it's a trade-off of risk/reward.



This is a charming little off-the-main-track little rest stop that offers... absolutely nothing. Honestly, this place is falling apart. The Motel has a giant hole in the first floor, someone could fall down and get hurt! And the gas station? Let's just say we're glad this game doesn't come with smells. The road at the side is quite dangerous, with cars flying by at the speed of sound!

With one large structure right in the middle that has a balcony all the way around which offers multiple places you can jump down to the ground, not only do you need to look around constantly on this small map, you need to look up as well!



Added for Halloween 2017, this spooky map brings many unique features that are great fun! This is a large map with lots of gravestones that can help prevent your death or hinder your kill shot. This map definitely requires some shifty maneuvering.

The center of this graveyard is a large church, although it is only one story inside, there are multiple levels of roof access for the sniper-happy players. There's also two portals that transport you to opposite sides of the map! This is very useful for aggressive players.

Look out for the Bombkins! They will kill friends and foes alike when they explode.



Oceanside is a nice little resort for the farmers to put up their feet and relax... Okay, not really, they still try to kill each other, but it's still a nice place to be.

This island features a volcano, watchtower, tiki bar and some bongos! Head into the volcano for a milk jug, but try not to fall in the lava!



Darkside is home to the Zombies! This is the only map playable on Horde Mode as of May 2020.

The map has a barn, similar to the one found in Countryside, with a playable radio inside! In the center of the map, you can find a crashed helicopter.



Northside is home to eternal winter! The map is cold in nature and consists of a frozen biome with caves and snow, along with a skating ring in the middle of the map. The map features a large ski resort at the top of the map that features two floors and multiple entry ways.

Don't forget to pass by the fires and roast some marshmallows! Maybe pickup a hot drink at Mama Moo Moo's or a delicious slice of pie at Betty's Buttery Bakery. Just make sure not to fall!



Take a break this spring at Camp Forestside. Swim in Lake Quakalak, roast marshmallows by the fire, or ride down the zipline to really take in the sights!



Don your spacesuit farmer, it's time to head to Moonside Acres! Prepare to plant your weapons on a field that's out of this world. Experience all the new technology BOKSA has developed, including the Raydish gun.

Countryside at Night[]

Countryside at night

As night falls, the moon rises upon Countryside. The Moo Moos and Bok Boks all fall into a deep slumber. The previous farmers have finished their work on the farm and clocked out. Now it's time for the shotgun farmers to come out to play! This map is perfect for gazing at the stars while avoiding an onslaught of incoming enemy farmers. The gun locations have also been changed from the normal Countryside map.

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