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Chicken Hunt

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Chicken Hunt is one of the Limited time mode in the game.

Chicken Hunt was added in Haunted Harvest Event 2021 Vr.1.7.7 (10/29/2021).

Initially, due to a big error, Chicken Hunt was disabled, but it was returned two hours later.

In this mode, Bok Bok's are placed all over the map in random places, and seekers need to find among them and kill all the hiders until the Bok Bok's destroy five grills.

Chicken Hunt can be played by a maximum of five players. The mode also disables Moo Moo Shield and Ghost Pepper.

The game will start when there is at least one chicken and one hunter in the gameю

All players appear in the center like in Chicken Run.

After joining all the players in the room, a five-second countdown will begin, Hunters cannot move until the end of the countdown.

Chickens Gameplay[]

Enemy chicken
Chicken Hunt BAR chicken

Chicken BAR

"Destroy the grills to stop the cookout before time runs out" ― The Game

The chickens task is to destroy five grills and at the same time ensure that at least one Bok Bok survives.

Bok Bok is played in third person.

Chickens can easily merge with other non-living Bok Boks if they just don't move. However, turns Bok Bok will be visible.

If the player is dealt 100 damage then he gets down.

In this state, the player has 300 health units, can move and throw eggs, but cannot jump.

If the player picks up Moonshine, the player will be restored with the health that Moonshine gives.

Chickens cannot fully raise or lower the crosshair.

The chickens win when 5 grills are destroyed.


Players have two eggs as weapons. The eggs themselves will fly in a parabola.

If an egg hits a hunter, he will not receive damage but will be blinded with the same effect as Lemonade (3-4 sec.)

Eggs can detonate Bompkin on Graveside but cannot detonate Propane tank on Forestside.

If the player does not have eggs, they will be restored after 6 seconds.

Eggs will not be restored if the player has at least one egg

Ghost Chicken BAR

Ghost Chicken BAR

Ghost chicken[]

If the player does die, then after 10 seconds he will respawn in the form of a ghost chicken.

Ghost chicken has only one health unit.

If a player playing as a ghost chicken dies, he will return after 10 seconds.

Ghost icon will be displayed in leaderboard.


Player destroyed the grill


Player throws an egg at a player

Hunter Gameplay[]

Enemy chicken
Chicken Hunt BAR Hunter

Hunter BAR

"Hunt down all the chickens for the cookout" ― The Game

The goal of the hunter is to kill all the chickens or wait until the timer ends.

Hunter sees all the grills through the walls. Hunter can also hear the sounds of breaking if he looks in the right direction.

If a player deals damage to a fake Bok Bok, the player will receive 25 damage.

If the hunter dies he will respawn after 10 seconds.

Chef's Choice[]

Chef's Choice is the hunter's only weapon.

Chef's Choice deals 25 damage and 50 to the back.

The player with choice moves at the same speed as, for example, Shotgun.

When killing a player or being killed by a player, "Choked [player name]" will be displayed.


An egg landed on the hunter's face


Hunter kill chicken and win


An important object for both chickens and hunters.

One grill has 400 health units.

There are a random number of Grill on the map, but not all of them appear. Usually around 9.

One chicken will destroy the grill in just a little more over 40 seconds.

One ghost chicken will destroy the grill in just a little more over 2 minutes and 50 seconds.

Hunter by hitting the grill to heal it by 25 health units.


Two songs will be played during the game



There were big changes in Hotfix 1.7.8:

  • Fixed collider on chicken hunt chickens being way too tall.
  • Fixed ninja belt showing on the chicken hunt chicken.
  • Fixed chicken's zoom way too high when aiming down sights.
  • Downed chickens now move faster, to be able to get away from the killer.
  • Hunters no longer collide with chicken players, fixing the exploit where you can use collision to tell them apart.
  • When a chicken dies, they respawn as a ghost Chicken. Ghost chickens do less damage to grills and only have 1 HP but can respawn Scoreboard shows a ghost icon for ghost chickens.
  • Grills now have 400 HP instead of 300.
  • Chickens now cluck every time they jump to alert the farmer, but this has a 3 second cooldown to avoid spamming.
  • When players leave and rejoin a room, the game will remember their health and reset them to that health, or kill them if they already died.
  • Chickens are no longer replaced by bots in Chicken Hunt to avoid the exploit where players leave the room and chickens keep spawning.
  • Fixed hunter weapon showing as a fist in the combat events on the top right.
  • Fixed Always Camo mutator not working in chicken hunt (physical mutators only affect hunters).
  • Fixed Big Head mutator not working in chicken hunt (physical mutators only affect hunters).
  • Chickens now drop cooked dead bodies when they die.

Also in the future the log on Graveside will be reduced and before, chickens could aim

Interesting Facts[]


  • Part | 9 You can finally play as the chicken! 11/01/2021 (TikTok,Discord)


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