Capture that chicken! The aim of this game mode is for your team to hold BokBok for a total of 200 seconds, or if the timer runs out before either team get 200 points, the match will go into overtime and each second is worth 5 points.

The player carrying the chicken will move much slower and unable to make any attacks without first dropping the chicken. This is very much a team effort, you do not want to try to pick up BokBok when you are alone and surrounded by the other team.


  1. Know the map (Moonshine healing bottles, popular sniping spots, good escape routes)
  2. Stick with your team (Advance together, fall back together)
  3. Don't waste time! (First to 200 points doesn't leave much room for cloud watching)
  4. Thin the enemy first before grabbing the chicken (The less people chasing the more likely you are to get away)


You could use combinations of these strategies or cycle through them as you feel comfortable

Early Mass Elimination

At the start of the match, destroy the entire enemy group near the chicken before anyone picks up BokBok

  • Benefits
    • Less people chasing you
    • More points because they have to respawn and get to then kill your chicken holder to stop you gaining points
  • Drawbacks
    • If you lose the initial skirmish, you just gave all those benefits to your opponents

Sacrificial Lamb (or chicken?)

After gaining control of the chicken, quickly send one (or two or three) players to the enemy respawn area and camp kill them, or at least slow them down

  • Benefits
    • Delays their return to combat with the chicken holder means more points for your team
    • Deaths don't count towards points in this match, so make your death matter!
  • Drawbacks
    • If you aren't fast enough then they can skirt around you without you realizing and you just left your chicken holder with reduced support

Funnel Trouble

Deploy the majority of your team towards a funnel spot on the map to try and cut down the number of opponents that make it in range of your chicken holder

  • Benefits
    • Delays enemy reaching the chicken holder means more points for your team
  • Drawbacks
    • If they aren't situationally aware or if the map doesn't really support this play style, they can be outflanked and your chicken holder and supporters can be greatly outnumbered

Hot Potato Surprise

Drop the chicken at the feet of an enemy (such as when they climb a ladder or round a corner) and they will be forced to pick it up when not expecting it which means they can't use their weapon, you have time to kill them before they can switch back

  • Benefits
    • One opponent taken out of action for a while
    • That little evil chicken on your shoulder will laugh
  • Drawbacks
    • In close matches, sometimes points really matter and you just gave them some

The Gun Is Mightier Than The Chicken

When the enemy team is swarming you, drop the chicken and fight! Whoever survives then picks up the chicken

  • Benefits
    • Your team isn't burdened with a player that can't fight or dodge very well
  • Drawbacks
    • If the skirmish draws out too long, BokBok will return to his nest after 30 seconds
    • (Under Development) BokBok will immediately start to run back to his nest, you better be quick!

Home Sweet Home

Keep BokBok held near your spawn point so even if your defenders are killed they can return to the skirmish quickly

  • Benefits
    • Fast return to the skirmish
  • Drawbacks
    • Not much chance to reload or change guns so your bullets need to count or you gotta be real quick

Milking It

Whatever happens, do not drop that chicken no matter what! This strategy is much more suited to bot opponents.

  • Benefits
    • Accrue as many points as you can by being stubborn about letting go, you will need to duck and weave and be very strategic in staying away from the opponents
  • Drawbacks
    • You and your team are easier targets because even if you move around and duck behind things, it's still a fairly small area to stay confined to


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