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Countryside is one of the maps in Shotgun Farmers. This beautiful farm is shaped like a two touching circles. The middle area has a large barn and a tall silo.

BokBok Spawn

For the Chicken Run match, BokBok spawns in the center of the barn on the ground level.

Farm-Grown Weapons and Locations

  • Sniperagus Rifle - 2 (behind the two silver hangar sheds and beside the cows)
  • Carrocket Launcher - 1 (between the large red barn and the silver hangar sheds)
  • Peavolver - 2 (beside the small red barn near the plowed land and between the 2 small red barns near the farm house)
  • Gromato Launcher - 1 (in front of the farm house)
  • M6Bean - 1 (at the base of the windmill)
  • PK2 - 1 (outside the silver hangar shed close to the hay barn)
  • Moolotov - 1 (purple cow with the other cows)

Moonshine Locations

  • Small
    • Behind the windmill
    • Inside the hay barn by the windmill
    • Inside the farm house in the back room
  • Big
    • Inside the silver hangar barn closest to the windmill
    • Inside the small red barn closest to the windmill
    • Inside the small red barn closest to the rusty truck
    • Inside the hay barn near the farm house

Booster Items

  • Milk - large: Second floor in the large red barn
  • Milk - small: inside the silver barn closest to the red barn
  • Chili - Inside the small red barn closest to the cows

Map Pictures

Barn & Silo

2nd level of the barn

Red side of map

Blue side of map

Hide N Seek and other fun

Play Time!

Hide N Seek Logic

I can't see you, you can't see me.

Duck Duck Goose

Poor cow!

This farmer is HEAVY!

Attention to Details

Cool Stuff

Tool bench

Inside farm house

Farmhouse Kitchen

BokBok breedings





Large silos

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