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Countryside is one of the maps in Shotgun Farmers. This beautiful farm is shaped like a two touching circles. The middle area has a large barn and a tall silo.

Map Overview[]

Countryside Powerups

BokBok Spawn[]

For the Chicken Run match, BokBok spawns in the center of the barn on the ground level.

Farm-Grown Weapons and Locations[]

  • Sniperagus Rifle - 2 (behind the two silver hangar sheds and beside the cows)
  • Carrocket Launcher - 1 (between the large red barn and the silver hangar sheds)
  • Peavolver - 2 (beside the small red barn near the plowed land and between the 2 small red barns near the farm house)
  • Chillithrower - 1 (in front of the farm house)
  • M6Bean - 1 (at the base of the windmill)
  • Strawbowry - 1 (next to the silver shed with the cows)
  • WatermeLMG - 1 (behind the small red barn near the plowed land)
  • Pineapplenade - 1 (outside the silver hangar shed next to the tractor)
  • Moolotov - 1 (purple cow next to the other cows)
  • Onionade - 1 (the barn on the house side, nearby a big moonshine)

Moonshine Locations[]

  • Small
    • Behind the windmill
    • Inside the hay barn by the windmill
    • Inside the farm house in the back room
  • Big
    • Inside the silver hangar barn closest to the windmill
    • Inside the small red barn closest to the windmill
    • Inside the small red barn closest to the rusty truck
    • Inside the hay barn near the farm house

Booster Items[]

  • Shield - large: Second floor in the large red barn
  • Shield - small: inside the silver barn closest to the red barn
  • Ghost Pepper - Inside the small red barn closest to the cows

Map Pictures[]

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