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"Gun kills upgrade your tier. Shovel kills downgrade others! " ― Shotgun Farmers

Crop Swap is the eighth gamemode added to the game.

Crop Swap was added in Gun Game Update(Vr.1.7.4).

Crop Swap was originally a limited time mode but in Anniversary Event Update (06/11/2021) Vr.1.7.5 became permanent and could be selected when creating a room.


In this mode, every player is for themselves.

Players start the game with a Shotgun and the player's goal is to get fourteen kills. After each kill, your weapon will upgrade in a certain order. Killing someone with a shovel will downgrade that player's gun by one.

Crop Drop is disabled in game.

Multiple kills with one weapon doesn't take the player two tiers forward.

Upgrades order:[]

  1. Shotgun
  2. Peavolver
  3. Chillithrower
  4. M6Bean
  5. WatermeLMG
  6. Hayk-47
  7. The Double Cob
  8. Usucchini
  9. Sniperagus Rifle
  10. Carrocket Launcher
  11. Gromato Launcher
  12. Beet Action Rifle
  13. Raydish Gun
  14. Strawbowry
  15. Shovel
  16. The Win

After reaching the fifteenth tier, an aura will glow near the player.


  • Initially, the first weapon was the Peavolver and the second was the Shotgun, but in Anniversary Event Update (06/11/2021) Vr.1.7.5, the weapons were swapped.
  • In New Weapon & Mutators Update (09/22/2021) Vr.1.7.6 Sudden Death music start when someone reached final tier in Crop Swap.
  • Initially, the last weapon was a Shovel, but after the Spring event update (05/17/2022) Vr.1.8, the shovel was replaced with Chef's Choice, but after Season 2 Vr.2.2.0 (07/14/2023) the shovel was returned.
  • Uzucchini was not immediately added to the game, only in the next update (Season 2 Vr.2.2.0 07/14/2023)


Crop Swap BAR 2

Crop Swap BAR

Final Tier

Player on final tier

Due to a bug, Cro Swap did not immediately appear in Limited time mode, after a few hours the bug was fixed and a voice recording was posted on the official Discord server

Crop Swap

Crop Swap banner in menu

Crop Swap 2x

GIF from Twitter post