Darkside was added in Patch 1.1 (Horde Mode Update) on the 8th of November 2019. Darkside is the map you play on in Horde mode, a 50 wave zombie survival gamemode. The map features a big barn, a windmill and a crashed Helicopter.

Farm-fresh grown guns and weapons

  • sniperagus -1 (by the smaller barn facing the side away from the water tower)
  • peavolver - 1 (to the right of the water tower, by a haybale.)
  • shotgun - 1 (inside the barn, near the main doors. near the radio.)
  • carrocket - 1 (behind the barn, near the wood slope.)
  • gromato launcher - 1 (on the left side of the barn, by a tree and a large moonshine powerup)
  • strawbowry - 1 ( on the right side, by the wall of hay bales in the front of the map)
  • m6bean - 1 (by the truck on the right side of the map. near a large moonshine powerup.)
  • chillithrower - 1 (on the left side of the barn, near the ladder.)
  • moolotov - 1 (inside the large barn, by the stable area.)
  • watermeLMG - 1 (on the back rightmost of the map, by a tree.)
  • pineapplenade - 1 (on the left side of the large barn, near the ramp)

Powerup locations

  • Small
    • the top floor of the large barn, by the ramp
  • Large
    • by the truck on the right side, near the m6bean
    • by the tree near the gromato launcher
    • by the small barn/stable, near the water tower.
    • behind the well on the right side of the large barn
  • Large shield
    • behind the large barn, near the tractor
  • small shield
    • by the peavolver, by a hay bale
  • chili
    • by the helicopter

Easter Eggs

Darkside features two easter eggs.

The Radio

Inside the barn, you can see a radio on a picnic table near the entrance. If you walk up to the radio and press E, the radio will play a song. There is a total of 5 songs, 2 of which are versions of the main menu theme.

Darkside radio.jpg

The Helicopter

If you walk inside the helicopter in the middle of the map, you can press E near the cockpit to "drive" the plane. What actually happens is a sound effect of a sad trombone will play.

Darkside helicopter.jpg

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