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There are several Easter eggs inside the game.

Graveside graves


BokBok memorial

Within graveside there are multiple graves displaying text, to start with an obvious one, the BokBok memorial. on this memorial are forever engraved the names TheLifeIsYours and ShitKid. The winners of the world championships in which where held in October 2017.

QA testers graves

These two graves were designed for the most active QA testers: Bram (also known as Yram_NL) and Slothinator. These graves also reference their QA history on the grave itself.



Tournament runner ups graves

These graves show the runner ups for the tournament held in October of 2017. Scot's grave is a reference to his multiple appearances during the same tournament as he lost in an earlier round but later subsidised for a player who had to leave the tournament for personal reason. Sparkypi's grave is a reference to his favourite weapon during the tournament, the peavolver.



Tournament staff graves

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Last but not least the tournament staff graves.

These are the graves of the tournament staff. Yagish, Janosch and HeyStijn.

Yagish's grave references the fact that the developer of the game Wase Qazi did not know how to exactly pronounces his name and often got it wrong.

Where as Yahish's name was hard to pronounce, Janosch name was often misspelled, in reference to this fact Wasi Qazi decided to make his often misspelled name the central focus on this grave

And last but not least HeyStijn's grave, the text on his grave references all the work he had done for the tournament, from writing the rules to motivating Qazi to finish some features needed to make the tournament a success.


The Oceanside/Riverside Log

This was a log in Riverside that players could crawl into, and bots were unable to kill the player. It was removed in Hotfix, where the change log says: "Removed the log from riverside (RIP!)". After this change, people on the official Shotgun Farmers discord server started asking the log to be added back (#justiceforthelog). As a homage, in the the "launch week" update, Oceanside has the log in the distance in the ocean.

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Darkside Easter Eggs

The Radio

Inside the barn, you can see a radio on a picnic table near the entrance. If you walk up to the radio and press E, the radio will play a song. There is a total of 5 songs, 2 of which are versions of the main menu theme.

Darkside radio.jpg