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The Firing Range.[]

The Firing Range is the Shotgun Farmers practice map inside of the firing range you can find spawns for every gun, throwable and power up in the game. The Firing Range is a open map based on Darkside's map design. Firing range includes hidden golden easter eggs all around the map for players to find and break there are 9 total golden eggs and once all are found and broken you can unlock a golden egg hat. (currently broken)

The firing range also features moving, still and folding targets to practice aiming at with any gun .

Facts about the Firing Range:

  1. The Firing Range is the only map to not feature any objectives or anyway to win. 2. The Firing Range is the only map to not count kills so if you are playing this map with your friends you cant see who has the most kills instead the leader board is death based. 3. The Firing Range only has 1 spawn point. 4. The Firing Range is the only have a double cob spawn