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All for one and one for ... well ... themselves. Free For All in Shotgun Farmers is your standard kill anyone and everyone in the time available. You will receive 100 points for each kill made and no points gained or lost for assists or deaths.

There are no real strategies that will suit everyone, but here are some tips to help you until you find the play style that works best for you.


  • Stay out of open spaces
  • Avoid using the Candy Cane Shovel skin (it's huge and really sticks out, it's like a striped target in your hands)
  • Sneak into engaged battles and steal kills
  • If you are able to flank (get behind) someone without them knowing, don't rush the shot and miss or only slightly damage them, try to one-shot kill them where possible
  • Don't try to go head-to-head against the best player (unless you are also a fantastic player) because if it takes you 6 tries to get that person, they still have 6 kills to your 1
  • Fire Carrockets and Gromatoes into big skirmishes (ie. spray and pray)
  • Always have an escape route (and equip your shovel then use it when you need to)
  • Press R to melee with your weapon, sometimes you just don't have time to shift to your shovel
  • Find and focus on the weapon that works best for you, and give yourself time to learn it! Practice with it on every course in every scenario
  • Practice your jump and dodge. You can change directions after you jump, don't just jump and keep going the same way because your opponent will quickly learn you don't move and will target where you will be landing
  • Keep your gun fully stocked. If it only takes 1 shot to kill someone (CONGRATS!) but still reload your gun again


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