Shotgun Farmers Wiki

Shotgun Farmers is incredibly unique in the sense that there isn't a reload mechanic. You look for plants that double as weapons all across the map, and the same plants that can be used for ammo can also be used to damage your enemies. However, one missed shot can be a curse for you, as it grants the enemy the weapon you've been using. The question is: should you be cautious or not?


Once you've purchased Shotgun Farmers, you can click on the "Customize" menu option to change the appearance of your character. The choices are Hat, Badge (which displays next to your name), Hair (which includes head, mustache beard and hair color), Body (male/female and outfits), Face (skin, eye and nose colors), Emotes (6 animations to choose from) and Shovel skin.

Get Started[]

You can then practice or head straight into a proper match with other people and bots. There are different Game Modes available which have special goals. You are told the goal of each match at the start of the game.

Experience and Leveling up[]

With each match completed, you will gain experience points based on numerous factors. As you level up, more hats and badges will become available to you. Weapons remain the same strength regardless of level, but the more you play, the more proficient you'll become.

The different sources of experience awarded at the end of the game are as follows:

Type Experience Notes
Objective Award 2-300 For Chicken Run and King of the Crow only

You receive double your score in experience up to to a maximum of 300 (Regardless of whether you won or lost)

Time played 5 per second played Maximum of 2000 experience
Kills 10 per kill Awards for kills only, not assists. Maximum of 1000 kill experience per game.
First Blood 100 Be the first to kill a farmer in the match
Match Finish 150 You must have at least 1 kill to receive this to prove you were active in the match
Consecutive Match 400 Awarded for finishing the next match that auto-starts after the previous one is over.

If you play three consecutive matches, you will be rewarded for the second and third.

Win 800 You must have at least 1 kill to receive this to prove you were active in the match
Daily Challenge 500-1800 Experience fluctuates depending on the challenge
First Win of the Day 2000 Only granted once per day
Collecting the gnome/cake 100 The gnome is placed at a random location on the map. The cake can be collected during the anniversary event.