Shotgun Farmers Wiki

Gnomes are randomly placed collectibles on every map and mode in Shotgun Farmers,

When at close range a prompt will appear which shows either, E (PC) - SQUARE (PLAYSTATION) X - (XBOX) Y - (NINTENDO SWITCH). to grab them.

When grabbed you will get 1 from 2 voice lines from the announcer. Either "Gnome secured" OR "Gnome Sweet Gnome".

When shot, the gnome will wobble with a streaking effect,

They have infinite durability,

When smacked with a shovel, one of 4 sounds will play, they are shallow metal reverberations, they will play in random sequences.

Gnomes cannot be picked up by bots.

Gnomes are prone to being half inside a surface and the other half sticking out, when hit you can see the red hat collide for a short period of time,

Gnomes have been programmed to avoid spawning in certain locations hence the similar locations every time,

For getting a certain amounts of gnomes stolen you can get cosmetics that include : TITLE "GNOME THEIF", HAT - GNOME HAT, OUTFIT - GNOME OUTFIT, SHOVEL - GNOME SHOVEL,

A gnome pet was first released in the Farmers Market on 4/13/23, where the gnome statue bobbles up and down as it follows the Farmer,

When the anniversary event is ongoing, cakes will be spread around the map. Shoot it to receive 200XP,

There isn't any lore or story regarding their presence and how they appear on maps.

You get 100XP for collecting a gnome,

You can find the amount of gnomes you've collected by going to they career tab in Shotgun Farmers and you'll see a "Gnomes stolen" tab with the amount underneath.

Gnomes give players another objective in game which encourages roaming and exploring, giving newer players a better tour of maps while simultaneously trying to find gnomes,


Twitch streamer PeanutButterBucket likes perusing after gnomes and values most their existence in the game.

Using the white beard and lightest skin tone and the gnome outfit and gnome the hat and moustache in white will re-create the gnome. although the gnomes his an oval nose and eye wrinkles which cannot be re-create-able at this time.

There is a badge named "Oh gnome" That sells for 500 Bok bucks in the farmers market, It has a hand-painted white frame and a transparent background giving you more peripheral view real estate .