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Hide and Freeze is one of the Limited time mode in the game.

Hide and Freeze was added in update 0.8.2 - Winter Harvest Update.

Hide and Freeze always appeared only in Winter Event. But there was an exception on 04/30/2021, it appeared due to a vote in the discord, in which Hide and Freeze won. It also appeared on 04/01/2022.

Hide and Freeze choice

Team choice

In this mode, snowmen are placed all over the map in random places, and seekers need to find among them and kill all the hiders.

In the mode, all weapons and all power-ups that can be picked up by both teams are supported.

After joining all the players in the room, a ten-second countdown will begin, Seekers cannot move until the end of the countdown.

Hiders Gameplay[]

Hider BAR

Hider BAR

Enemy farmer icon

"Hide from Farmers and stay alive for win" ― The Game

The goal of the Hiders is not to be killed by the Seekers.

The player can pretend to be one of the snowmen. But after every 5-10 seconds, the snowman starts to melt, and because of this, seekers may notice you.

If the hider catches fire he will start to slowly melt. The hider will also catch fire inside volcano on Oceanside.

Hiders has five Snowballs to throw at the seeker. When hit by a seeker, it deals three damage and freezes for three seconds, the seeker cannot turn, move, or shoot. After unfreezing, the seeker will be immune to Snowball for ten seconds.

If hider uses all of his snowballs, they will reset in five seconds.

Hiders cannot fully raise or lower the crosshair.

The hiders win when time runs out or when all seekers are dead.


Hiders countdown


Seeker got frozen, hider camera

Hiders winner screen

Hiders victorious splash

Seeker immune

Seeker invulnerability

Hiders winner

Hiders victorious screen

Snowman melting

Snowman melting

Seekers Gameplay[]

Seeker BAR

Seeker BAR

Enemy farmer icon

"Eliminate all the Snowman Farmers before time runs out" ― The Game

The goal of the seekers is to kill all the hiders.

Seekers can change their weapons to suit their needs.

If seeker deals damage to a regular snowman, the seeker will take damage. Basically 25 damage but Carrocket Launcher deals 50 damage.

Moolotov and Gromato Launcher projectiles bounce off normal snowmen but they damage hiders.

Sniperagus Rifle headshot doesn't kill hiders immediately. Peavolver headshot deals 80 damage.

If the seeker dies he will respawn after 5 seconds.

If all the seekers in the room are dead at the same time, then hiders win. If time runs out then the hiders will win.

If all the hiders are killed then the seekers will win.

Seekers countdown

Seekers countdown

Seeker got frozen seeker camera

Seeker got frozen, seeker camera

Seeker victorious splash

Seekers victorious splash

Snowman melting, seeker camera

Snowman melting, seeker camera


Patch 0 8 2

update 0.8.2 banner in Steam

Hide and freeze LOW

GIF from post Winter Update! - 1.2 in Steam

Hide And Freeze

Hide and Freeze banner

HIde And Freeze Quick

Hide and Freeze banner in menu

Voice lines are played after winning