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King of the Crow is a team match that requires players to stand inside a designated area in order to score points. The area will stay at one location for 60 seconds before moving to a new spot. Points are acquired 1 point per second inside the area, but you can't be above it or below as that won't count towards accumulating points. Only one person will accrue points for standing in the circle.

Previously called the King of the Barn, it was renamed in Patch 0.6, the Spring Update Patch released May 22, 2018.


  1. Move as a team
  2. Group target their best fighter first (4 shotguns shot at them are more likely to hit than just one cause players can be really dodgy)


Boom, Boom, Pow[]

Have a variety of weapons on your team and prioritize their use (Carrockets and Gromatoes launched into the opponent swarm then switch to the other weapons)

  • Benefits
    • Scatter them out of the Hill area to stop them getting points
  • Drawbacks
    • Grouped targets are easier for shotgun splash damage

Things that go bump (Graveside only)[]

When the Hill ring is around the giant BokBok statue in Graveside, have a sniper blow up the Bomkins when the enemy is standing near them.

  • Benefits
    • Easy kills
  • Drawbacks
    • If they mess up then your swarm will be one player short in the skirmish until the sniper can catch up

Sacrificial Lamb[]

After gaining control of the hill, quickly send one (or two) players to the enemy respawn area and camp kill them, or at least slow them down

  • Benefits
    • Delays their return to combat means more points for your team
    • Deaths don't count towards points in this match, so make your death matter!
  • Drawbacks
    • If you aren't fast enough then they can skirt around you without you realizing and you lost out on the points you could've earned while waiting for the enemy to swarm you and left your team outnumbered with no benefits

Milking It[]

Whatever happens, stay in that hill for the entire time you are alive! This strategy is much more suited to bot opponents.

  • Benefits
    • Accrue as many points as you can by being stubborn about moving
  • Drawbacks
    • You and your team are easier targets because even if you move around and duck behind things, it's still a fairly small area to stay confined to


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