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License To Till

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"Every shot kills!" ― Shotgun Farmers

License to Till is a Limited time mode in game.

License to Till appeared in game on 02/16/2022.

License to Till was originally called "One Crop One Kill" but was changed in "Nintendo Switch cross-play update" Vr.1.9.0 (09/30/2022).

License to Till was the first Limited time mode to use GMO Random.


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License to Till - Solos BAR

In this mode, every player is for themselves.

The aim of the players is to score as many points as possible.

10 points for each kill.

In this mode, every damage taken from the enemy's weapon or Shovel is fatal, regardless of the amount of health.

Projectiles from Grenades, on hit, will instantly kill the player (except for Pineapplenade) but damage dealt by other things such as fire from Moolotov does not instantly kill.

The damage from the Bombkin and Propane Tank is also an instant kill.


One In The Cob LTM

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