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Northside was released during the Winter event in 2020. The map is cold in nature and consists of a frozen biome with caves and snow, along with a skating ring in the middle of the map. The map features a large ski resort at the top of the map that features two floors and multiple entry ways.

Bokbok Spawn[]

The bokbok spawns on the stands side of the ice rink, and the players spawn around it.

Farm-Grown Weapons and Locations[]

  • Sniperagus Rifle - 1 (left side of the ski lodge by the crashed truck)
  • Gromato Launcher - 1 (inside the ski lodge, between pool table and piano)
  • Carrocket Launcher - 1 (front of the ski lodge by tghe snowman)
  • Chillithrower - 1 (on the path underneath the log outside of the ski lodge)
  • M6Bean - 1 (next to the hut on the ledge above Betty's Bakery and Mamma Moo Moo's shop)
  • Strawbowry - 1 (next to entrance of the cave by the fire pit)
  • WatermeLMG - 1 (outside on the right side of the ski lodge)
  • Pineapplenade - 1 (next to entrance of the cave by the ice rink)
  • Onionade - 1 (by the fire pit, next to a large rock)

Powerup Locations[]

  • Small Shield
    • At Mama Moo Moo's stall next to the ice rink
  • Big Shield
    • Upstairs in the ski lodge behind the chimney
  • Big
    • By the fire pit on the cliff
  • Small
    • inside the small room in the lobby, at the entrance
  • Ghost Pepper
    • In the middle of the ice cave