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Oceanside is the newest map in Shotgun Farmers. It features a volcano (with lava that will kill you), several tiki huts, volleyball net (with a beach ball), climbable trees and a beautiful beach. Watch out for the water though, you are a farmer and can't swim!

BokBok Spawn

For the Chicken Run match, BokBok spawns in the center of the largest Tiki hut.

Farm-Grown Weapons and Locations

  • Sniperagus Rifle - 1 (Beside the rocks behind the beverage Tiki hut)
  • Carrocket Launcher -1 (Under the restaurant Tiki hut facing the beach)
  • Gromato Launcher - 1 (beside the volleyball net)
  • M6Bean - 1 (between the restaurant Tiki hut and the lifeguard stand)
  • WatermeLMG - 1 (beside the small blue Tiki hut in the middle of the buildings)
  • Chillithrower - 1 (inside the volcano)
  • PK2 - 1 (beside the 3 BokBok Tiki stone statues)

Moonshine Locations

  • Small
    • Bottom level of the 2-story Tiki house next to the volcano
    • By a large rock on the beach near the rock archway
  • Big
    • Behind the volleyball area
    • Behind the 3 BokBok Tiki stone statues
    • Inside the beverage Tiki hut
    • On the table in the dining Tiki hut

Booster Items

  • Milk - large: Deep inside the volcano
  • Milk - small: inside the restaurant, on a table
  • Chili - On the roof behind the "Welcome to Oceanside Resort" sign


Playing some music

Looking into the volcano

BokBok Tiki Stone statues

Playing some music

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