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One In The Cob LTM

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" Start with 1 ammo. Eliminate other Farmers to gain ammo. " ― Shotgun Farmers

One in the Cob is one of the Limited time modes in game.

One in the Cob made its debut on 02/15/2022.


One in the Cob BAR

One in the Cob BAR

In this mode, every player is for themselves.

The aim of the players is to score as many points as possible.

Each weapon can only have one ammo. The player can only carry one grenade.

Weapons that the player harvests will also have one ammo, no matter how much it should initially have.

Grenade spawns are disabled in game.

For each kill with a weapon, the weapon will be given one ammo. If the player makes a multiple kill, then all extra ammo will be removed.

If the player makes a kill while they don't have a primary weapon, they will be given the Shotgun with one ammo.



One in the Cob banner in menu