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Shotgun Farmers Across Platforms

What once started as a new, first-person shooter has grown and transformed into a multi-platform, crossplay experience for everyone to enjoy. Whether you enjoy playing on Keyboard & Mouse or Joysticks, you can access Shotgun Farmers on a range of consoles and platforms. But just what platforms are Shotgun Farmers on?

PC (Steam)[]

The first and probably main platform for Shotgun Farmers is PC. You can purchase and access Shotgun Farmers through Steam on PC, aiming down the sights and capturing the chicken with your friends on Keyboard And Mouse. However, the fun doesn't stop there. You can play with your friends on other platforms through Cross Platform Play, meaning that whether you want to experience a Keyboard or Controller, Shotgun Farmers is ready to play.

Shotgun Farmers is compatible across Operating Systems too. These include Windows, Linux & Mac OS.

You can Purchase Shotgun Farmers through Steam here.


Alongside PC, you can also access and play Shotgun Farmers on Playstation. This means that you can experience the fun with all of your friends in the farming world from the comfort of your Dualshock Controller.

Playstation Plus is required to play online.

You can purchase Shotgun Farmers on Playstation here.


You can also play Shotgun Farmers on your Xbox One, Series S, Series X, and everything in between. This means that you can grab a controller, jump online, and get ahead of your friends in Shotgun Farmers. You can purchase the game through the Xbox Store and get started straight away.

Xbox Online Membership is required to play online.

You can purchase Shotgun Farmers on Xbox here.

Nintendo Switch[]

The most recent addition to the platforms available for Shotgun Farmers is Nintendo Switch. Whether you enjoy gaming in handheld mode or docked mode, you can enjoy the gaming that Shotgun Farmers has to offer on your Nintendo Switch!

Nintendo Switch Online Membership is required to play online.

You can purchase Shotgun Farmers on Nintendo Switch here.

Steamdeck (Handheld PC Gaming)[]

Alongside PC and the range of other consoles, you can also enjoy Shotgun Farmers on your Steam Deck. With compatibility for the console developing rapidly, you can launch and enjoy the Full Shotgun Farmers experience on your Steam Deck Console.

You purchase Shotgun Farmers on steam as you would on a PC and away you go!

You can purchase Shotgun Farmers on Steam here.

Platform Support[]

Shotgun Farmers is readily available across most of the major platforms. This means that you can access the game and enjoy the experience across your favourite consoles without issue. However, if you do come across issues with the game, you can flag bugs for specific consoles via the Shotgun Farmers Discord.

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