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Prestige concept

Prestiges Redesign Concept on Artstation by Torkil (AKA Lazersofa) and Sean Hicks.

Shotgun Farmers has it's very on prestige mechanic

First two prestige was added in update 0.7 - Summer Harvest Update. In Patch 0.8 - Fall Harvest Update - 10/??/18 three more were added. In Winter Event Update 2020 Vr.1.6.7 (12/11/2020) prestige was redesigned.

Prestige is earned after reaching level 100, in your career menu, you can get prestige which returns the player's level to level 1 and all unlockables remain.

After reaching prestige, you cannot earn any more items for leveling up.

There are six prestige ranks in the game, and upon reaching each of them, the player can earn a cosmetic, a title, and a Steam achievement (Except Immortal Farmer, it has no achievement).



Old Prestige icon Prestige name and title name Item Icon Item name Item


01 FarmHand
Prestige 1
Farm Hand
Diamond shovel
Diamond Shovel Summer Harvest

Update (07/12/2018) Vr.0,7

02 Country Bumpkin
Prestige 2
Country Bumpkin
62 Diamond Bok Bok
Diamond Bok Bok Summer


Update (07/12/2018) Vr.0,7

03 Planter
Prestige 3
Diamond farmer
Diamond Farmer Crop


Update (06/26/2020) Vr.1,5,0,23

04 Rancher
Prestige 4
Diamond Glasses
Diamond Glasses Shotgun

Farmers 2.0 (01/20/2023)

05 Master Farmer
Prestige 5
Master Farmer
Diamond shotgun
Diamond Shotgun Haunted


Update (10/29/2021) Vr.1.7.7

Rank 06
Absent Immortal Farmer
Pet DIamond Bok
Bling Bok Shotgun Farmers 2.0 (01/20/2023)

After reaching level 700, you will remain at the same level and will not be able to level up.

Intersting facts[]

Diamond Sniperagus Rifle is the only diamond skin that is not given for prestige.