Wase Qazi, though he prefers to goes by last name (pronounced KWA-ZEE), is the sole developer of an independent games studio, Megastorm Games. He founded it on April 30th, 2014 and since then he has been the artist, programmer, and designer for Shotgun Farmers and Skyhook.

Skyhook had it's early access date on May 14, 2015 with the full release on May 17, 2016. It is a party platformer where you fight with grappling hooks by yourself or with up to four players. Play as a treasure hunting cat or a land swimming shark as you swing around the stage taking out your opponents.

Shotgun Farmers was released for early access on 1 June, 2017. It was originally created for the QaziJam 8 game jam, ran by himself and has been created live on Twitch by Qazi since the very first day of development at The feedback and support from the community has been instrumental in shaping the game to what it is today. Players never have to wonder about the state of development. They can simply tune in and speak directly to the creator or catch videos of the last stream.

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