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"Start with Chilithrower. Eliminate the other Farmers." ― Shotgun Farmers

Reign of Chilis is one of the Limited time modes in game.

Reign of Chilis first appeared in game on 10/15/2021.


Reign of Chilis BAR Solo

Reign of Chilis BAR Solo

The aim of the players is to score 5,000 points.

The game follows the same rules as Team Deathmatch but in game all players spawn with the Chilithrower.

All weapon spawns are replaced with Chilithrower spawns without a sign, this does not apply to grenades.

Solo mode[]

Reign of Chilis has a solos mode.

In solos mode, every player is for themselves has the same changes as in the usual Reign of Chilis.


Flamethrower only full

Reign of Chilis banner

Flamethrower only

Reign of Chilis banner in menu