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Riverside is the second smallest map in Shotgun Farmers. The map is divided in half by a shallow river that has two covered bridges spanning it. You can walk in the river however it does close down your speed. Bullets that land in the river will not grow, while those that land on the river bank will grow at double the speed.

Map Overview[]

Riverside Powerups

BokBok Spawn[]

For the Chicken Run match, BokBok spawns in the middle of the river between the two bridges.

Farm-Grown Weapons and Locations[]

  • Sniperagus Rifle - 2 (near the silver hangar on the mill side of the river and behind the red barn near the horses)
  • Carrocket Launcher - 2 (next to the silver hangar on the mill side of the river and to the side of the red barn near the horses)
  • Chillithrower - 2 (next to the red shed by the dam and next to the middle building on the mill side of the river)
  • M6Bean - 2 (in front of the silver hangar next to the cows and in front of the shed next to the mill)
  • WatermeLMG - 1 (behind the silver hangar by the cows)
  • Pineapplenade - 1 (in front of the mill)
  • Moolotov - 1 (purple cow between the cows and the metal hay shed)
  • Onionade - 1 (in front of the barn that has the ghost pepper)

Moonshine Locations[]

  • Small
    • Underneath the right bridge (opposite side to the dam/mill)
    • Behind the silver hangar near the cows
    • Next to the haybales behind the big red building (next to Carrocket)
    • Inside the shed behind the mill (next to M6Bean)
    • Inside the shed infront of the mill (next to Chillithrower)
  • Big
    • Inside the red barn next to the horses
    • Inside the red barn on the opposite side of the dam to the mill (next to Chillithrower)
    • Inside the silver hangar on the mill side of the river (next to Carrocket)
    • Inside the mill

Booster Items[]

  • Shield - large: On the right right (opposite side to the dam/mill)
  • Shield - small: On the dam
  • Ghost Pepper - Inside the big red building next to the left bridge (next to the bridges/cows)

Map Pictures[]

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