Roadside is the smallest map in Shotgun Farmers. It is located beside a highway that has moving traffic, which will kill you if they hit you. This map is made for one thing, brawling. Look left, look right, look behind you and look up! Enemies are everywhere here.

BokBok Spawn

For the Chicken Run match, BokBok spawns in the ground floor of the motel.

Farm-Grown Weapons

Weapon Locations

Sniperagus Rifle - Beside the red crate in front of the motel

Gromato Launcher - Ground floor of the hotel

Peavolver - Beside the ice freezers on the side of the gas station

Chillithrower - Beside the portable toilets behind the motel

M6Bean - Between fence and gas station pumps

Pineapplenade - Beside the parked truck near the gas station

WatermeLMG - by the red crate near the dirt-filled containers

Moonshine Locations

Moonshine motel.png

Map Pictures

Hide n Seek and Other Fun

Attention to Details

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