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The shovel is currently the only melee weapon in the game. All players spawn with this weapon along with the shotgun. It is the only available weapon in the Shovel Showdown Game Mode.

The shovel is currently the only weapon that occupies the second weapon slot. Upon wielding the shovel, movement is greatly increased, and has the ability to one-hit kill by simply attacking an enemy farmer in the back.

There are 34 different skins available for the shovel. The standard grey shovel is the default, but you can unlock the other skins by reaching certain goals.

Shovel Name How to Unlock
Trusty Shovel Unlocked by default
Hoe Down Reward for leveling up
Baseball Bat Reward for leveling up
The Sweeper Reach level 13
Opsicle Reach level 22
Snow Shovel Reach level 27
Big Spoon Reach level 32
Big Fork Reach level 37
Big Butter Reach level 42
The Hash Slinger Reach level 47
Boksicle Reach level 52
Candy Cane Reach level 57
Pickaxe Reach level 60
You've Got Mail Reach level 72
Pinwheel Reach level 75
Doom Bat Reach level 82
Crowbar Reach level 84
Wrench Reach level 87
Mace Reach level 92
Banjo Reach level 95
Lollipop Reach level 97
Country Pitchfork 35 wins in Countryside
River Rake 35 wins in Riverside
Tiki Torch 35 wins in Oceanside
Western Pony 35 wins in Westside
BokBok Crossing 35 wins in Roadside
Scythe of The Dead 35 wins in Graveside
Snow Globe 30 winter matches played
Gnome Axe 200 gnomes stolen
Anniversary Shovel 200 anniversary matches played
Silver Shovel 500 kills using shovel
Golden Shovel 1000 kills using shovel
Diamond Shovel Reach prestige rank 1
Spade of Hearts 50 Valentine's matches played
The Heart Breaker 150 Valentine's matches played

Candy Cane

Reach level 57

Snow Shovel

Reach level 27

Silver Shovel

500 kills using shovel

Gold Shovel

1000 kills using shovel

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