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SnowBok Fight banner

Enemy chicken

"Find snowballs and use them to eliminate the other players " ― The Game

SnowBok Fight is one of the Limited time modes in the game.

The first hint of the emergence of the regime was in a post in Twitter where the chickens are sitting near the fire (12/14/2021).

The second hint was in a post in Twitter when we are shown the spawn of snowballs in the hotel on the Northside (12/16/2021).

SnowBok Fight banner was shown on 12/17/2021.

SnowBok Fight was added in Winter Event Update 2021 (12/21/2021).

SnowBok Fight always appeared only in Winter Event.

Moo Moo Milk, Ghost Pepper and Crop Drop is disabled in this mode.


SnowBok Fight BAR (Solos)

SnowBok Fight BAR (Solos)

In this mode, all players are chickens. The chickens also have scarves to make it easier to distinguish an ally from an enemy.

Players spawn in one place like in Chicken Run.

The goal of each team is to reach 5000 points or be the leading team at the end of the match.

Getting points works the same way as Team Deathmatch.

Players cannot fully raise or lower the crosshair.

Players weapons are snowballs.

When a snowball hits an enemy, they instantly die.

Snowball dropped on the ground after five seconds can be picked up, after fifteen seconds the snowball disappears.

There are snowball spawns all over the map that give three snowballs and have a ten second cooldown.

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Killing an enemy

Death by enemy

Death by enemy

Solos mode[]

SnowBok Fight has solos mode.

In solos mode, every player is for himself and also the players don't have scarves

All snowball spawners:[]











Chickens near the fire

First hint at SnowBok Fight

Snowballs in Northside

Second hint at SnowBok Fight

SnowBok Fight victorious screen

SnowBok Fight victorious screen