Shotgun Farmers Wiki

 The Strawbowry is a weapon in Shotgun Farmers added in the Very Berry update. It resembles a bow and arrow but with a strawberry as the arrowhead. The weapon does not slow the player down when you use it. To fire you can charge it up by holding left click to get maximum power and range. If you shoot your teammate with this weapon it will heal them. The weapon is used in the game mode Strawbowry Fields. 

 There are two achievements you can get using this weapon.

Heart Breaker

The first one is Heart Breaker, which is earned by killing 10 enemies using the strawbowry in one match.  


Berry Loved

  The second Achievement is Berry Loved, which is earned by healing your teammates using the strawbowry for 300 or more health in a match. 

If you get 25 kills with this weapon you unlock the Halo hat. If you get 100 kills with it you will unlock the Holy Grain costume. This costume has wings that flap when you run, and flap faster when you are in the air (it is only cosmetic).

Holy Grain and Halo