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The Team Deathmatch pitches two evenly-matched teams against each other. The only goal is to kill as many of the other team as possible in the allotted time, and to not let them kill you.


  1. Stay together
  2. Jump and weave to avoid enemy fire
  3. Keep to the edges of the map (avoid being assassinated with a shovel or out-flanked)
  4. For player matches, try use Discord voice chat
  5. Raw skill will only take you so far, you are part of a team here, use that to your advantage! (Even if they are just bait ;) )
  6. Top up your teammate's health with the M6Bean or Peavolver to keep them from dying (or to use them as a meat shield)



Stay near your home spawn point, let's you get back into the match quicker

  • Benefits
    • Quicker return to the battle
  • Drawbacks
    • You spawn without a full clip so unless you can reload quickly, you will be using a Shovel
    • Enemy has the potential to earn more kills in a shorter period of time because if you kill them it takes much longer for them to return to the battle area

Aggressive/Spawn Camp[]

Push the enemy back to their spawn point and try to kill them as they spawn

  • Benefits
    • Potential for quick kill points
    • Very fast-paced, you need to be on the ball with everything (especially your ammo use!)
  • Drawbacks
    • Slow return to the battle if you die

Bottle Neck[]

Find a funnel area on a map that the enemy mainly goes through and control that area (crop farms and surround the area, control the high ground)

  • Benefits
    • Median between too long between death and being back in the battle
  • Drawbacks
    • There aren't any true bottle necks, there are ways to flank nearly every situation so you have to be prepared and have situational awareness


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