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Title is the 11th customization added to the game.

Title was added in Item shop update Vr.1.7.10 (01/28/2022).

Title is located in the Interface category.

Title is a text on your Bar in the game that other players can see. Title is given for various achievements in the game.

All titles[]

There are only 38 titles in the game (1 Free, 12 For fulfilling the condition, 5 In Item Shop, 6 In Cattle Pass Season 1, 8 in In Cattle Pass Season 2, 6 In Cattle Pass Season 3).

Free titles[]

Title name Appearing
Bunny hopper Valentine's Day 2023 Vr.1.7.11 (02/15/2022)

For fulfilling the condition[]

Title name Condition for getting Appearing
Pro shotgunner Get 1000 shotgun kiils Item shop update (01/28/2022)


Queen Bok slayer Survive 50 waves in Darkside Horde mode Item shop update (01/28/2022)


Gnome thief Stole 100 gnomes Item shop update (01/28/2022)


Soul slayer Survive 30 waves in Graveside Horde mode Item shop update (01/28/2022)


Sky Captain Buy Skyhook

Also, starting somewhere in 2022, it became available by code "skycaptain" but after Shotgun Farmers 2.0 (01/20/2023) it stopped working

Valentine's Day 2023 Vr.1.7.11 (02/15/2022)
Zombie slayer Kill 5000 zombies Item shop update (01/28/2022)


Farm hand Get prestige 1 Item shop update (01/28/2022)


Country bumpkin Get prestige 2 Item shop update (01/28/2022)


Planter Get prestige 3 Item shop update (01/28/2022)


Rancher Get prestige 4 Item shop update (01/28/2022)


Master Farmer Get prestige 5 Item shop update (01/28/2022)


Immortal Farmer Get prestige 6 Shotgun Farmers 2.0 (01/20/2023)

In Item shop[]

Title name Description Price Rarity Items section Appearing
Be my valentine Chilis are red, Boomberries is blue,Strawbowries are sweet,but BokBok loves you! 1500 Bokbucks Rare Only in Regular items Valentines event 2022 (02/16/2022) Vr.1.7.11
Crewmate None 2000 bokbucks Legendary Only in Featured Items In Featured Items (09/22/23)
Udder Failure None 1500 bokbucks Uncommon Only in Featured Items In Featured Items (10/06/23)
Till Death Do us Sprout None Initially 6000 bokbucks but after almost 14 hours the price was changed to 2000 bokbucks Legendary Only in Featured Items In Featured Items (11/10/23)
Hay Day Hitman None 1500 bokbucks Rare Only in Featured Items In Featured Items (11/17/23), (05/03/24)

In Cattle Pass Season 1[]

Title name Tier Seasonal Archive price Appearing
Camp Counselor Tier 1 1500 bokbucks Shotgun Farmers 2.0 (01/20/2023)
You Quack Me Up Tier 14
Forest Ranger Tier 19
Duck Hunter Tier 28
Axe Me A Question Tier 37
Vampire Hunter Tier 43

In Cattle Pass Season 2[]

Title name Tier Appearing
To The Moon Tier 4 Season 2 - To the Moon! Vr.2.2.0 (07/14/2023)
Udder Space Tier 11
BOKSA Exploser Tier 15
BOKSA Specialist Tier 22
Bok Fighter Tier 30
BOKSA Commander Tier 35
The Chosen One Tier 45
Galactic Gardener Tier 49

In Cattle Pass Season 3[]

Title name Tier Appearing
Jolly Harvester Tier 3 Season 3: Frozen Harvest (12/24/2023)
Frosty Farmer Tier 17
Ice Ring Rancher Tier 24
Yule-Tide Tiller Tier 35
Frozen Harvester Tier 43
Season 3 Completionist Tier 99

Intresting facts[]

  • Previously, there was a Dev Title in the game, but it was removed in Hotfix Vr. (04/07/2022).
  • Crewmate title is part of a collaboration with the game "Among Us".
  • On the stream "Among Us Crossover Reveal Stream!" Qazi mentioned the title "Flower Power" which he forgot about (59:13 - 1:00:21).


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Selecting title in Customize

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Highlight Bar when viewing Title in Item shop,Cattle Pass or in Customize


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Highlight Bar when viewing Title in Item shop or in Customize (in old menu)