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Tournament is one of the gamemodes in the game.

Tournament was added in Vr.

Tournament mode is used for various tournaments or competitions such as Turnipment


Tournament BAR new

Tournament BAR

In order for the game to start, the player who created the room must click on the "Start match" button in settings.

Tournament is similar in gameplay to Team Deathmatch, but there are differences.

The goal of each team is to score as many points as possible.

Moo Moo Milk, Ghost Pepper and Crop Drop are disabled in the game.

Bots are disabled in the game.

Each team is named "Team 1" and "Team 2", and if one of the teams wins, the team name, or the player's name if there is only one player in the team, will be displayed on the screen.

The kill table is not displayed in the match at the top right

Also, the score counter does not have team colors.

Solos mode[]

Tournament has solos mode.

Tournament - Solos was added in Anniversary Event Update Vr.1.8.1 (06/23/2022)

In solos mode, every player is for himself and also in this mode, the same changes as in the usual Tournament.

Spectator mode[]

Tournament spectator new

Tournamnet spectator BAR

Both gamemodes have Spectator mode.

When choosing a team, the player can choose spectator mode.

Spectator can freely fly around the map and also observe the players.

The sides show the names of the players, their weapons and health.

Control (on PC):[]

[-speed down

]-speed up

CTRL-move down

SHIFT-move up

Q-previous player


=-random player

Back quote-free roam


Tournament settings new

Tournament settings

Tournament spectator player new

Tournament spectator player

Tournament choose team new

Tournament choose team

Tournament choose Solos

Tournament - Solos choose