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Voice is the 4th customization option added to the game.

Voice is currently the only category removed from the game.

It is unknown when Voice was added, but it was most likely added from the beginning of the appearance of familiar bodies in the game (approximately Alpha Vr. but only as sounds and not as part of customization).

Voice was removed from the game in Hotfix (11/12/2023). QaziTV said it removed Voice because Qazi had problems with Voice.

Voice is the sounds, groans and screams that are played when the player jump, dies or attacks with the Shovel.

All Voices[]

There were only 5 votes in the game, all of them were given for free.

Voice name Old voice name Older voice name Jump sound Shovel attack sound Death sound Appearing
Larry Voice A Before Early Access
Lisa Sam Voice B Before Early Access
Axel Voice C Before Early Access
Emily Alex Voice D Before Early Access
Dave Voice E Before Early Access


Initially, when voices could be changed, the voices did not have names. Later, the voices began to be named by letters of the alphabet (around Early Acces Vr. in Winter Harvest Update 2017 Vr.0.4 (12/04/2017) names were added for voices. In spring Update Vr.0.6 (05/22/2018) the names were slightly changed.


Voice first image fixed

Screenshot from 1ofWisdom video

Voice third image 2

Screenshot from 1ofWisdom video

Voice seond image

Screenshot from 1ofWisdom video

Voice fourth image

Screenshot from 1ofWisdom video