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Westside is the desert cowboy/cowgirl map in Shotgun Farmers. This barren looking map is shaped like an oval, it is quite large but the outer areas has very few coverage while the center boasts a single street lined with buildings. All roofs are accessible, most buildings can be entered, and several buildings have multiple levels. Be aware, due to the dusty conditions, grow grow slower and will die faster here.

BokBok Spawn

For the Chicken Run match, BokBok spawns in the center of the main street on the ground level.

Farm-Grown Weapons

  • Sniperagus Rifle - 1 (by the wooden arch, near a cactus)
  • Carrocket Launcher - 1 (by a stack of wood nearby the gallow)
  • Peavolver - 2 (in the middle of the map, one by the bar, and the other on the opposite side, near stairs)
  • Strawbowry - 1 (behind the bar, by the stairs)
  • WatermeLMG - 1 (next to the barn on the gallow side)
  • Moolotov - 1 (nearby the outhouse)

Powerup Locations

  • Large - in the bar, behind the counter, in the jail in a jail cell, in the blue roofed house by the sniperagus
  • Small - by the outhouse, behind the jail cell sign on the roof, behind the bank sign on the roof
  • Shield (small) - in the bank
  • Shield (large) - in the bar, on the second floor by the door
  • Ghost pepper - by the wagons


on the official shotgun farmers twitter page , they have said that, canonically, the outhouse is a secret portal to narnia.

Only Blue Building

End of Town

Ground Floor

Behind the bar

Inside the Jail


Ground view of main st

Rooftop view main st

Two-story Saloon

Westside Jail

Hide N Seek and Other Fun

I want to swiiiiing!

Great spot for bot-only Chicken Run matches

Oregon Trail Ride



Attention To Detail


Running into the cactus will hurt you but won't kill you

Wanted signs

Lots of them

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